Thermal Imaging from Netfixx 

The thermal imagers from Netfixx provide them with a lot of experience on metrology highest level of quality: best detector technology and perfectly matched system components ensure excellent measurement results in every application. 

All Netfixx thermal imagers are designed and manufactured in compliance with international standards.

Building thermography

Thermography has been for years in the energy consulting, in tracking construction defects or reviewing of heaters and installations an indispensable diagnostic tool. Due to the excellent thermal sensitivity of the Netfixx thermal imagers, even the smallest defects or damage can be uncovered here.


With thermal imagers and service from Netfixx, you can easily, efficiently and safely detect thermal abnormalities in maintenance. In addition to preventive mechanical and electrical maintenance this can be checked by sealed fluid tanks.

Production Quality

Thermographic measurements afford in production both in quality control as well as in quality assurance valuable services. The non-contact infrared technology of the thermal imager measurements may also be carried out during production.

Features and Technologies:

  • Innovative features
  • Development of measuring techniques
  • High quality
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