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Industrial electrical installations can be difficult to tackle, but NetFixx have the engineers that will be able to provide the necessary expertise to get you up and running smoothly and efficiently whatever the installation, whether your space is for storage, manufacturing or processing.

We offer an installation service for many of our existing and new commercial customers whether it is for a new or an in use unit or facilities whether in London or the surrounding areas. 

Commercial Electrical Installation sometimes involves working in hazardous conditions, installing and commissioning large complexed electrical distribution systems, lighting, electric motors, heating and ventilation systems. Electrical fitters are responsible for the identification, diagnosis and correction of electrical faults.

At Netfixx we never say that we are the cheapest contractor as many other contractors would tell you, we advise our customers on what is the best solution for their installation and their needs, and that the cost might be higher initially but that it is cost effective in the long run. Or in other situations where our customers have a limited budget, we will advise them on how to make savings while still achieving the most important of their goals.

But whatever our advice is, we always go out of our way to achieve the highest quality work at the most cost effective price.

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